Entertainment Law


Entertainment law overlaps with intellectual property law, including trademarks, copyright, and the “Right of Publicity.”  The Law Office of Stephan F. Ferris provides full-service entertainment law support for clients in California and around the world.  Whether it involves contract negotiation, entity formation, compliance with California laws and regulations, licensing, copyright/trademark matters or consulting for strategic advice, the Law Office of Stephan F. Ferris offers content creators from all backgrounds high-quality legal representation at affordable costs.

Contracts and Licensing Agreements

    • Drafting contract and licensing agreements
    • Drafting terms for Intellectual Property ownership in Operating Agreements
    • Assistance with recording assignments and transfers
    • Website Terms of Use, User Agreements, and privacy compliance
    • Employee and Contractor Agreements


    • Federal Copyright Registration
    • Copyright Portfolio Management
    • DMCA take-down notices

Trademark and Brand Development

    • Trademark Clearance
    • State, Federal, and International Trademark Registration
    • Counselling on common law rights
    • Advising how to pick a logo
    • Brand development and trademark monitoring

Film and Television Production Legal Services

    • Company Formation and Regulatory Compliance
    • Talent Agreements
    • Production Agreements
    • Licensing Agreements
    • Location Agreements 
    • Fair Use Opinions

Music Legal Services

    • Contract Drafting and Negotiating
    • Recording, Producer, and Management Agreements
    • Copyright Registration
    • Dispute Resolution

Digital Media Legal Services

    • Company Formation and Business Plans 
    • Investor Agreements
    • Website Terms of Use, User Agreements, and privacy compliance
    • Intellectual Property Protection